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Asset Tracing
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Asset Tracing & Recovery in Switzerland and Worldwide

Our Asset Tracing and Asset Recovery service specialize in identifying and locating assets that may be obscured by complex business structures, nominee or trust arrangements, and dispersed across multiple jurisdictions. The ability to successfully trace and recover these assets is often crucial for the satisfactory resolution of commercial disputes, or the recovery of the proceeds of fraud and embezzlement.


We have extensive expertise in penetrating efforts to shield cash, real estate, company holdings, financial instruments, commodities, and other tangible and intangible assets from discovery. Our team is highly skilled in tracing funds and identifying assets, even in the most complex of money laundering schemes and corporate structures.


Our findings have proved invaluable to clients seeking to establish the asset position of parties involved in contract disputes. Additionally, we are well-equipped to enforce international arbitration awards and recover assets in the aftermath of litigation, arbitration, complex frauds, and banking collapses. By leveraging our Tracing and Recovery service, our clients can more effectively protect their interests and achieve their desired outcomes.

If you rather need direct contact with a private investigation firm for Asset Tracing and Asset Recovery, we may recommend the following licensed and insured private investigation offices and detective agencies:

Private Investigator Switzerland, Swiss Detective Agency and Swiss Security Solutions LLC.

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